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Piranhas, Shotguns, and Blow Up Dolls – Oh, My!

Subscribe May 25, 2018
Car shipping process

Odd Requests when Shipping Autos - Like a fish!

Top 10 Unusual Car Shipping Requests

Every day people ship cars worldwide. For many reasons we don't allow personal items in the cars being shipped, although we get a lot of requests from customers to ship non-car items in the cars. Most requests are fairly routine but over the years we've seen some truly unusual – even bizarre -- inquiries.

Keep in mind these are the ones suitable for publication.

10. Don't Let Lola Get Lonely!

Apparently, a few cars are so highly evolved that they've developed a rich emotional life. This particular car – named Lola - was lucky enough to find an owner who understood her special needs. She (the owner – not the car) contacted us to make sure we'd take good care of Lola during transport:

The owner said we could ship her car, but the transport driver HAD TO TALK TO Lola (the Car) every day.

We shipped the car, but the owner took issue when we suggested adding a psychiatrist's average hourly consultation fees for talking to Lola. Probably should have had Lola mention it to her.

What do you do when a customer asks you to ship a car with guns in it?

9. We Load Your Car; You Load Your Guns.

Some customers want to ship more than just their car, and ask to include unusual items in the back seat or the trunk. One of our drivers had to really draw the line at transporting firearms across state lines.

We arrived to pick up such a guy’s car and the owner had this to say:

“ I just have one question, do you think my gun collection will be safe in the trunk? I’ll leave the ammo under the seats”

“Whoa there dude… we are best at transporting cars. As much as we like you, we can't transport guns”. The charge goes way up for that – like 10 to LIFE!

One customer asked us to ship a car with a live fish in the back seat!

8. Let Them Eat Algae.

One customer asked to ship her fish tank in the back seat of the car – complete with water and fish in it. It was ok, she explained earnestly: "The fish are algae eaters and should be fine until they get to Florida."

Why would a woman ask to ship a car with her husband's ashes in the trunk? One of ours did!

7. It Only Seemed Like a Sopranos Episode.

A woman once called and asked if her husband could travel in the trunk of her car as it was transported to its new destination. The horrified customer service representative demurred, and the woman explained that she meant her husband's ashes would be in the trunk – in his cremation urn. Not a live body.

The customer was a bit distraught when we still had to tell her no, but called back a couple of days later to schedule the pick-up anyway. She'd decided to take her husband on the plane with her instead. He was probably the only passenger who didn't complain about the food.

6. Oh, You Beautiful Doll!

One customer's car arrived at the pick up terminal with three (anatomically correct) blow-up dolls strapped into the passenger seats. Too bad they couldn't ride with Lola; they were probably great conversationalists.

Transport a car with a live cat in the trunk? Really?

5. Here Kitty, Kitty….

A customer asked to have his cat travel with plenty of food and water in the trunk of the transported vehicle.

4. Don’t Worry. He Doesn't Bite

One car arrived with a dead piranha in the back seat. No word about the condition or whereabouts of the owner.

One customer wanted to document the vehicle's trip by including a camera on the dashboard.

3. The Award for Most Boring Documentary Goes to….

One customer wanted to mount a video camera on the dash so the driver could turn on the camera every time we moved the car. He wanted to "capture this moving experience!" Paging Hollywood! How about some REAL reality TV?

2. Singin' (and Drivin') in the Rain…

One of our drivers was given a convertible to drive across the country. It seemed like a dream come true until he discovered that the "convertible" wasn't, well, convertible. It had no top. The customer thoughtfully gave the driver a free umbrella.

Moving a car with two guns and a full tank of gas in it? What is this, a getaway car?

1. On the Road with Bonnie and Clyde.

We were a bit concerned about this customer's plans for the future. He wanted us to transport his car with a gun in the glove box, a shotgun in the back seat, and a full tank of gas.


No issues to report, service was dependable and reliable. Our car was available before the scheduled date! Very much appreciated!
T. Rosenthal


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