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Burns, WY | Wyoming Car Transporter | Dependable Auto Shippers

Dependable Auto Shippers utilizes over 100 CarsArrive service center facilities nationwide in order to provide door-to-door pick up and delivery of your vehicle. All of our local facilities are trained to handle your vehicle with care and provide all services at pick up/delivery of your vehicle with professionalism. No matter your location, there is a DAS service center nearby to assist you. We strive to make your vehicle relocation involving the greater Cheyenne, WY area as simple and convenient as possible.

Burns, WY | Wyoming Car Transporter | Dependable Auto Shippers


Serving the Greater Cheyenne, WY area:
  • Pine Bluffs
  • Kimball
  • South Greeley
  • LaGrange
  • Albin
  • Potter





Burns Service Center
3891 Anetelope Meadow Dr.
Burns, WY 82053


No issues to report, service was dependable and reliable. Our car was available before the scheduled date! Very much appreciated!
T. Rosenthal