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Regional Car Transporter Facilities | Dependable Auto Shippers

DAS has a local touch utilizing CarsArrive's national network of more than 100 partner facilities across the country, that have passed the DAS certification process. With its regional locations and DAS-certified partner facilities, DAS provides a heightened level of supervision during the relocation of vehicles and better maintains quality control from pick-up to delivery.


Alabama Arkansas Arizona
Huntsville Lincoln Phoenix
Leeds North Little Rock Tucson
California Colorado Connecticut
Fresno Aurora Newington
Lemon Grove Fort Collins  
Oakland/Bay Area Grand Junction  
Sacramento Florida Georgia
Clovis Ft. Lauderdale Mableton
Vista Ft. Myers  
  Jacksonville Idaho
Iowa Longwood Kuna
Davenport Pensacola Boise
Des Moines Port St. Lucie  
Cedar Rapids Tallahassee  
  Brooksville Illinois
Indiana Kentucky Melrose Park
Indianapolis Henderson  
Kansas Louisiana Massachusetts
Haysville Shreveport Foxborough
Maine Michigan Minnesota
Pittsfield Grand Junction Minneapolis
Mississippi Missouri Montana
Pearl Bridgeton Missoula
  Kansas City  
Nebraska Springfield  
  Nevada North Carolina
New Jersey Las Vegas Durham
Cliffwood Sparks Fayetteville
Howell   Greensboro
Manchester New Mexico Pineville
Rockaway Albuquerque Cherryville
New York North Dakota Ohio
Elma West Fargo Cincinnati
Schenectady   Sebring
Seneca Falls    
Rochester Oklahoma Oregon
Hampton Bays Owasso Grants Pass
Pennsylvania South Carolina South Dakota
Bristol Charleston Sioux Falls
Jonestown Simpsonville  
Cranberry   Tennessee
Utah Texas Memphis (West)
Sandy Amarillo Memphis (East)
  Atascosa Powell
Virginia Austin  
Ashland El Paso Vermont
Charles City Houston South Burlington
Manassas Lancaster  
Roanoke Rockwall Washington
Wisconsin West Virginia Richland
West Bend Charleston Vancouver