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DAS Offers Shipping Tips for Antique Cars on

November 15, 2013, an online resource offering expert advice to consumers, recently posted tips by John Roehll, Dependable Auto Shippers' executive vice president and co-owner, for people looking to ship their antique vehicles. Following these do's and don'ts when shipping your antique car will help ensure it arrives safely and undamaged.

Here are a few examples of tips to follow:

Do hire the help necessary for your transport.

Especially if your car is being transported overseas, hiring an international auto-transport company can help make the process easier. An international auto-transport company will not only have beneficial relationships with organizations around the world, but will also make sure the necessary documents are filled out according to countries' customs guidelines.

Don't postpone troublesome maintenance issues.

Antique and classic cars often require more maintenance than younger vehicles. To ensure a smooth shipping process and minimal damage to your car or others, ensure that loose or unfastened parts, flat tires and leaky fluid lines are taken care of before you load your car.

Don't assume every auto-transport company is an expert.

Even if a company has a track record of moving cars, your antique car requires the utmost expertise. Ask the companies you are considering what their experience with antique car shipping is and see if they mention the other do's and don'ts listed here.

To read the full list of shipping tips for antique car owners, visit at the following link:


No issues to report, service was dependable and reliable. Our car was available before the scheduled date! Very much appreciated!
T. Rosenthal