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Do you have questions about shipping your vehicle? Read our FAQs to find out more about how DAS transports your car safely across town or across the country.
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Very professional and reliable. Thank you.
K. Miyahara
Gardena, CA
What to Expect when shipping your auto / car through DAS

Before You Ship

Your Vehicle Transport Needs Drive the Service

The needs for shipping a vehicle vary from customer to customer, which is why it is important to identify your specific priorities and needs. For example:

  • Do you have a specific delivery date in mind?
  • Are you trying to stay within a certain budget?
  • Do you prefer shipping your car in an enclosed carrier versus an open carrier?
  • Are you able to pick up your vehicle from a nearby CarsArrive facility or would you prefer it be delivered to your front door?
  • Do you know who to contact should damage occur?
  • Is a cancellation deposit required? If so, is it refundable?

Since Dependable Auto Shipping has customizable options to fit the unique needs of each customer, we can work with you to create a service package that matches your specific criteria.

With more than 17 years of industry leadership in the auto transport business, you can rest assured DAS, powered by CarsArrive Network will get the job done right.

Helpful Tips for Auto Shipping

Auto shipping can be stressful. To help simplify the process, DAS provides a pre-ship checklist and additional educational materials that will come in handy as you prepare to ship your car. The documents can be printed or saved to your desktop for easy reference when you need them.

Only DAS can claim to own the relocation process from origin to destination. Feel free to contact our car shipping specialists at any time to help guide you through the process.

Auto Shipping Checklist

Pre-Ship Checklist


No issues to report, service was dependable and reliable. Our car was available before the scheduled date! Very much appreciated!
T. Rosenthal